Blendfresh FAQ


It’s a solution to a universal problem – getting enough nutrient-dense fruits, vegetables, and other healthy whole foods into our diets.

Blendfresh blends are some of the healthiest foods on earth. Our innovative Fresh-Dried process is natural from the beginning, using energy from the sunlight to transform fresh picked, organic, whole foods into a modern form that’s simple to prepare, store, and consume. This ensures each food in our Blendfresh blends – from our farms to your family – is as healthy and nutritious as the day it was harvested.

It’s the next best thing to fresh picked.

Blendfresh is different. The Fruits & Veggies blends are nothing but raw, whole foods. NO processed ingredients, NO preservatives, NO fillers, NOTHING artificial, and no added anything. Using the patented pending Fresh-Dried process, temperatures are kept low to preserve maximum nutrition, enzymes, and phytonutrients.

There are endless uses for Blendfresh blends. The easiest way to start using them is to add a scoop to smoothies you make. Think of it as a super-food boost to to your smoothie. Each scoop of color adds 12+ raw, whole food fruits and vegetables, providing you with up to 1,700 unique phytonutrients. In addition to smoothies, you can add Blendfresh to your ice-cream blends, nut milks, or just add to water.

Blendfresh is a direct sales product. It is only sold directly through Blendfresh and their Partners or Consultants. You can purchase products in one of 3 ways:

  1. As a Customer: directly through our store here.
  2. As a Club Member ($10 one-time fee): member discounts on Blendfresh and discount Blendtec blenders. Join here.
  3. As a Consultant ($35 annual fee): member discounts plus the opportunity to earn an income promoting Blendfresh. Join here.

It is NOT necessary to join the Blendfresh preferred customer Club in order to purchase the raw, whole-food blends. If you choose to become a Member of the Preferred Customer club ($10 one-time fee) you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  1. 20 – 40% Discount on Blendfresh products
  2. 33 – 66% Discount on Blendtec Blenders
  3. Auto-ship package discounts

It is NOT necessary to become a Blendfresh Consultant in order to purchase the raw, whole-food blends. If you choose to become a Consultant you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  1. 20 – 40% Discount on Blendfresh products
  2. 33 – 66% Discount on Blendtec Blenders
  3. Auto-ship package discounts
  4. Earn Income promoting Blendfresh products and programs
  5. Work with a highly trained team
  6. Earn Bonus income
  7. Be a part of helping people to eat more fruits and vegetables

Yes. The fruits and vegetables are dried between 112 – 116 degrees F. Additionally all of our products have been tested before and after drying to ensure that 100% of the nutrition is still intact.

All of our raw materials and finished good products are tested for pesticides, and do not use sodium nitrate fertilizers or sewage sludge. Instead we use garlic and other natural environment plant protectors. All Blendfresh products are quality tested and approved clean; which means they are pesticide free, gluten free, NON GMO, soy free, dairy-free, contain no artificial sweeteners, colors, preservatives, no binders, & fillers. All of the farming and manufacturing resources we use are abiding by USDA organic healthy practices.


No. Products do not contain any soy or dairy derivatives.


Yes, they are certified with teh Orthodox Union and parve.

One serving (~1 Tablespoon) of any of our Blendfresh Fruits and Veggies includes 12 different sources of fruits and vegetables and has a minimum of 1750 unique phytonutrients in every serving.

The USDA and recommends you consume 5-7 of fruits or vegetables a day. Most fruits and vegetables contain a minimum of 150 total phytonutrients per serving. If you purchase organic produce from the store and consume 5-7 fruits or vegetables from different sources you would get 750 – 1050 phytonutrients daily. In comparison, one serving of a Blendfresh blend will give you 1750 which is more than what is recommended by the USDA choose my

It ultimately depends on how much you consume but each of the products are labeled as follows:

12 Red Fruits and Veggies – 25 scoops

12 Green Fruits and Veggies – 20 scoops

12 Purple Fruits and Veggies – 20 scoops

12 Orange Fruits and Veggies – 27 scoops

6 Whole Food Pre & Pro Biotics – 35 servings

15 Seed & Sprouts Fiber – 32 servings (10 g of Fiber per serving)

8 Whole Food Protein – 22 servings (20g of Protein per serving)

We strive to harvest local fruits, vegetables, and seeds, beans, whole grains, and legumes from North and South America, depending on seasonality & harvest. Other sources around the globe (throughout the Mediterranean etc…) may be used in the event of local organic supply shortages.

All of our products are shelf stable and will meet label claim for 2 years if stored in a cool dry place. Once open products should be kept in the refrigerator and used within 90 days.